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Residential Portfolio

Manage all aspects of your residential properties from a single software. Attracts and retain quality tenants through superb marketing and customer experience.

Get More Done in Less Time

Manage your single-family and multi-family residential properties more effectively with Hutstack software. Streamline your processes and automate tedious tasks so you can spend more time marketing your services and attracting new property owners.

Increase your business performance by getting more done in less time to focus on attracting new owners, engaging with existing clients/owners and investors to deliver the best possible outcome for you and for them.

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Attract Renters Faster

Fill vacant property and units faster through SEO-optimized free professional website to post your listings and receive applications. Notify your mailing list of vacant or new property in one-click. Screen potential tenants through automated credit checks and identity verification.

Once approved, you can easily execute online leases with DocuSign and also accept security deposits via online payment. All you documents are automatically stored and organized against each tenant, property or owner.

Accept Online Payments

Reduce or even elimimate the use of paper checks and manual data entry by enabling automated collections and online payments for rent, fees, and bills. Cut payment processing time by up to 50 percent! Make payments easier for your tenants!

Rent will never be late, because it’s deposited into your bank account automatically. Pay your own bills through Hutstack, and they’ll be automatically recorded, thanks to a fully integrated general ledger accounting platform.

reduce administrative cost
reduce administrative cost
Accounting & Reports

Have real-time access to a detailed & customized view of your financials and business performance. Record and manage property finances down to per property unit, owner & even vendors. Manage bank accounts and view financial insights.

Running reports with Hutstack is super-easy. You can run pre-made reports or create custom reports & extract the data in real-time.

Maintenance Management

Everything you need to resolve issues faster and delight both tenants and owners. With Hutstack, you can resolve maintenance issues more quickly and more efficiently.

Eliminate paperwork, improve response times, and automate tedious tasks. Enable your tenants to self-manage submission of requests for maintenance, track status and provide detailed information and attach files like photos themselves.

reduce administrative cost
reduce administrative cost
Manage Inspections

Schedule inspection date and time with tenants. Automatically send notices and reminders to tenants about upcoming inspection. Collect and sync property inspection data easily from the field.

Use the Hutstack Property Manager mobile app for iOS or Android to take photos and notes to aid in report. Create inspection reports for your owners, complete with photos and comments.

Delight Tenants and Owners

With a more streamlined and efficient process, you can delight your tenants and justify every cent and every dollar in fees you charge your clients, while saving costs! Attract and retain today's property owner and today's modern renters through superb customer experience.

Keep property owners in the loop by easily sharing financial statements, leases, and receipts via the owner portal so they can access information at any time.

reduce administrative cost
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